Meet Tod Maki | Our December Renegade of the Month

Tod Maki joined the Renegade family in June of 2015 with the Small Group classes. He worked very hard during workouts, but hadn’t quite made the necessary nutritional changes. Then, in September 2015, Tod suffered from a heart attack. He had a stint put in and was in the hospital for a few days. It was then that Tod decided he had to make a complete lifestyle change.

After Tod completed his cardiac rehab and was cleared he started walking with his family 2-3 times a week and got into Renegades 3 times a week at 5am! Not only did he go back and kick butt during his workouts, but he also completely turned around his nutrition. He began paying attention to ingredients, watching his portions and thinking about what and when he was eating.

Tod continues to get into Renegades 2 to 3 times a week at 5am and dominate his workouts. He even kicks his daughter, Ann’s, butt especially when rowing is involved! Tod is making huge strides in reaching his initial goals and the new ones he’s set! As of July, Tod is down almost 50 pounds and continues to shrink! He is also a long time soccer coach and can now get out there and participate in games with his players!

Author/Daughter’s Note: I could not be more proud of my dad for all of his hard work through this lifestyle journey! He is the best father a girl could ever ask for, so I’d really like to keep him around for FOREVER!

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