Amanda Kirsten – Transformation #4

In high school I played softball and basketball and was consider by many to be extremely athletic and competitive. I had regular workouts for sports/practice and lived with parents that fed me real food. We rarely had fast food.
Fast forward 15 years later after graduation and I didn’t recognize myself or who I had become. A lot of my choices in food and entertainment revolved around instant gratification. I LOVED ordering in and using paper plates and not having to do dishes. I worked so hard during the week why shouldn’t I treat myself?!?!? If I went to a fast food drive through I wanted to order the largest item they had on the menu.
My friends and I enjoyed going out for dinner and drinks. The bigger the meal or the more food I could get in one meal the better. Oh, I get the choice of 3 sides, then I want that one. Oh, I can get a dessert with this entree, then I want that one. The more I ate the fuller I felt and I loved that feeling. If I felt full I wouldn’t have to feel sad, or upset, or deal with anything else that was bothering me – well at least until I was hungry again….
When I met my husband I was still within a reasonable weight range – or so I thought. He loved me, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I couldn’t be that bad, right? Then when I went wedding dress shopping I was in for a rude awakening. Miss, you need to look at the plus size dresses. WHAT?!?! Plus size? I’m not plus size! I’m curvy. I remember coming home that night with the most anxiety I’ve ever had. I’m going to look like a giant marshmallow on my wedding day. Hey, I know, let’s just keep eating. That will make you feel better!!!
We were married in August and we had a casual wedding reception the following January. My step-grandmother mailed me a picture of me and my husband she snapped at our reception and when I saw the picture I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I looked at my husband and said “Am I really this big?” He lovingly said no, it was taken at a bad angle, but I knew the truth. The picture didn’t lie.
It still took me 3 months after that picture was mailed to me to take action & join Fitness Renegades. Even the 1st two months I was there I still wanted to do things my way. I wanted to eat based on Weight Watchers points. I wanted to drink alcohol whenever I wanted. I did lose more weight, but it took way longer than it should have taken.
Finally I was like, I SURRENDER! These people know better than I do and obviously what I had been doing was not working. I have submitted to the “lifestyle” of 80/20 and I have transformed my thinking. I stopped making every single goal I had in life solely about the scale & I started recognizing all of my achievements!

Goal Achieved: I have increased my strength and endurance. I can see it when I write my times and my max weight lifted on the board every day. I love seeing results on the board. I think this plays into my competitive nature. I want to lift the most – and why not?
Goal Achieved: I had to purchase a brand new belt. I made my husband add 3 additional holes to my old one before he said I had “earned” a new one! 🙂
Goal Achieved:I have dropped two jean sizes.
Goal To Reach: Lose 30 more pounds
Goal Achieved: I can back squat 185#.
Goal to Reach: Back squat 200#
Goal Achieved: I ran my 1st 5K in a little over 35 min.
Goal to Reach: I want to run a 5K in under 30 min
Goal Achieved: I make conscience decisions about the food I eat – I meal plan and food prep. I think its important to care about what I put into my body. I care about me and my long-term health. I want to be around for my future children and my future grandchildren

Fitness Renegades had truly changed my life and my path in life!