The condition of being physically fit and healthy


An individual who rejects conventional behavior

Maybe you’re looking to lose that stubborn last 15 pounds, or maybe you’re 30, 40, 50 or 100 pounds or more overweight. Maybe you’re an athlete looking for the extra edge. Maybe you’ve found that traditional gyms and trainers just aren’t for you.

We are a clan of athletes! Even if you’re a 100 pounds or more overweight you’ll feel like an athlete as a part of our community. Renegades sweat together push each other to get great results and hold each other accountable. We will not let you fail.

Our Renegade Coaches (Trainers) will demand that you give it 100% each and every day. You will be working hard and your Renegade Coach will be pushing you to your fitness limits.

You can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Many gyms do not address the single biggest reason for failure…diet.

This does not mean cutting calories and eating like a bird. Healthy people eat.

In fact healthy people can eat A LOT!

Fitness Renegades is a lifestyle choice, not a diet.

As a member you’ll learn exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how often to eat. You’ll quickly discover that our proven plan will drop fat, build lean muscle and improve your overall health and wellness FAST!

You’re going to eat real food from the grocery store or fresh food from your garden or the farmers market!

The Renegade Way of Life

Because I am a Renegade, I:

  • Understand that fitness is more than just weight loss
  • Schedule time every day to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Fule my body with nutritious foods and make water my beverage of choice
  • Open my mind to new foods, challenges, accomplishment and habits
  • Look to instructors and mentors for guidance and encouragement
  • Celebrate hard work and achievement by all Renegades, including myself
  • Set specific, measurable, challenging goals & have confidence in my ability to reach them
  • Am honest with myself. No excuses.
  • Prepare, motivate and focus for each class
  • Work as hard as I can, and then a little bit harder

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