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We’re on a mission to change the lives of more than 100,000 individuals and we can’t reach that goal by helping just those in our community. We'd love to help you transform your lifestyle, even if you live a long way from the Frozen Tundra in Green Bay, WI.

Take a minute, explore, and let us know if we can answer any questions!

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Renegade Lifestyle Blueprint

Our 12 week Renegade Lifestyle Blueprint is a program designed to instill healthy eating and mindset habits into an individual's daily life. The program is created with the idea that most people cannot take on lots of new daily habits all at once, so we have broken it down into 12 weeks, where each week, you will focus on something new to incorporate into your lifestyle.

The program also includes daily motivational mindset emails because 90% of our success will be determined between our ears (our self-talk, thoughts, emotions, etc.)

You will also have access to our private Renegade Lifestyle Facebook group so that you can immerse yourself in the Renegade Community - this will be important for your success, as well.

1-to-1 Nutrition Coaching

Our 90 day 1-to-1 Nutrition Coaching program offers some extra individual help for those that need a little extra nutrition guidance.

With this program you get bi-monthly 20 minute meetings to review your goals and talk about your struggles and successes. You also get unlimited email communications with your coach, reviews of your daily food logs and macros, weekly check ins via email and you'll receive additional recipe ideas from your coach.

Not only will you get all of that but you have quicker access to your coach to get any questions you may have answered right away!

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