November Renegade of the Month: Jill Lamal

Jill Lamal joined the Fitness Renegades Family back in January of 2014. She is known as one of the original Renegades from our garage days over on Borvan Avenue.

Since Jill came back to participate in the Summer Slim Down this year, she has held herself accountable by asking the coaches for a weekly weigh in and monthly measurements to monitor her progress. Every week, her weight is lower! She is currently down 46lbs to date!

Jill has been dealing with some medical issues that make working out more difficult for her, but she continues to keep a positive attitude and give her best at each and every workout. Her class attendance is still extremely impressive. She makes it to at least 4-5 Circuit classes every week!

She also has the drive to want more! Jill intends on participating in our new Renegade Lifestyle Blueprint when it begins shortly.

Jill is an awesome example and inspiration to many! She pushes herself daily and truly lives the Renegade Way of Life!

Congratulations, Jill! Keep up the awesome work!

About the author


In March of 2014 Hannah found, and fell in love with, Fitness Renegades and everything about it! After being a member for about a year, she went one step further and started to help out around the gym. She wanted to help others, just like they had helped her. She wanted to share her love and passion for health and wellness with everyone and be able to watch others succeed! Hannah currently works at the physical location of Fitness Renegades, as well as with the online programs offered with the Renegade Lifestyle Blueprint. She also coaches high school JV and 7th & 8th grade soccer at a local high school. She loves being able to share her knowledge of soccer and fitness with her athletes to help them grow!

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