MYZONE® provides a way to see just how hard you are working with a LIVE stream during all of your workouts! When you wear the chest strap and monitoring system you will see your heart rate, calories and effort in real time on a live display. This data is wirelessly uploaded to a logbook that can be accessed online or through the free MYZONE® Lite App.

Renegade coaches have access to all of this data so we can better work with you to get you the results you’re looking for. Now we can review your daily meal journal AS WELL AS check out your MyZone data to see where you may be able to make improvements to reach your goals.

Compete with those around you, compete with yourself, and make sure your heart rate is where it should be!

Ask your Renegade Coach about the two MYZONE® purchase options. With a one time payment, the MYZONE® gear is YOURS TO KEEP!

5 Reasons you'll LOVE our MyZone at Fitness Renegades:
  • You can wear the heart monitor during your workouts at Fitness Renegades and your information will be displayed on a screen in the gym so we can customize workouts to your current fitness levels. It takes into consideration your age, gender, height and weight. The belt adjusts with you over time as your resting hear rate adjusts and your fitness level changes. Inside the gym, the tiles on the screen are also color-coded according to heart rate zones with gray being the lowest followed by blue, green, yellow and finally red. These color-coded zones help both you and then instructor.
  • After your workout we'll email you the results of your entire workout and then you can log into your account and see all of your workouts. Key information included will be your heart rate, calories burned, MyZone points accumulated and much more.
  • We'll have challenges and contests to hold you more accountable both at the gym and outside of the gym. You can also set up your own personal goals so we can help you track them.
  • You can wear your heart monitor anytime you exercise outside of the gym as it has a 16 hour memory. Then when you come to the gym you'll sync up your monitor and it will be added to your account so you get credit for all of your fitness that you do outside of the gym.
  • Combining the tool along with our body analyzer makes for a real set of tools to help you see the progress in your journey way beyond just a number on the scale.

This is an optional took as part of your Fitness Renegades experience, but we’re certain that once you start using it you won’t be disappointed.

Get a FREE Week ($29 value), a FREE Renegade Success Session ($49 value) & $100 gift card to use on a Renegade Program*!

Try us for a week, change your life forever.

*Gift card must be used on a program 3 month or longer