Meet Renegade Dawn!

Today I’d like to share with you the results from another Renegade.
She had tried everything before.  You know all of the fad diets, the weight loss programs and an untold number of fitness programs.  She was getting frustrated with the up and down results from these programs.
She started with Fitness Renegades and dove head first into our Renegade Lifestyle.
Dawn started to change her “diet” on day 1 and has since integrated our Renegade Nutrition program into every meal of the day.  When we talk about “diet” we don’t mean being on a diet, we mean the food that you actually put into your body.  We don’t count calories, we don’t move cards from one side of the deck to the other, and we have no points system.  We eat REAL food in the right combinations and get AWESOME results.  The best part is all of our food can be found right in the normal grocery store.  You don’t have to chase after special ingredients at the health foods store.
A great example of this was the day that Dawn invited me into her classroom at school. I showed up, kind of un-announced, during lunch hour.  She was eating with another teacher at her school and she proudly showed off her Almond encrusted Chicken breast and a salad she was having for lunch. 
Dawn also displays many traits of a successful Renegade.  She encourages other Renegades to improve.  She bakes Renegade approved treats and brings them for us all to try.  Probably one of the most important things though is that Dawn doesn’t make EXCUSES.  She had to have double carpal tunnel surgery and worked out through the entire process.  Joe, our Renegade Strength and Conditioning coach, modified workouts and exercises just for her so she could continue to work toward her goals.

 Dawn1  Dawn2

To date Dawn’s lost nearly 40 pounds and is looking to lose another 15-20 pounds.

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