Meet Patrick | Our December Renegade of the Month

PatrickHermsen | Renegade since June 2015

Patrick joined the Renegade family in June of 2015 after a little pushing from his wife Gwyn!

Back in 2009 Patrick had a heart attack when he was 48 (whoops we just gave away your age!). He had 3 blockages and had to go on several medications as well as change his diet. He made some modifications, but it wasn’t easy and he wasn’t overly committed those first few years.

Now, after finally agreeing to join his wife for a class, he can’t get enough of his new lifestyle! He is in class 5-6 days a week and loves it!

Patrick usually attends the 8:00 am circuit class on the weekends with his wife Gwyn and they both fill the room with so much energy! If a members challenges Patrick to stay and do another Circuit class he is always in and always up for a good challenge (anyone in the 9am make sure to test this out! 🙂 )

At 55, Patrick is in the absolute best shape of his life and he'll be the first one to tell you, this works!!​

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