AndreaBoguski | Renegade since November 2015

Andrea joined the Renegade family back in November 2015, and man what a ride it’s been since! Since the beginning of her weightloss journey, Andrea is now down over 93 pounds!! She will be the first person to tell you that it takes a lot of hard work to get results like she has.

Andrea has overcome two plateaus during her time with Fitness Renegades, which is never an easy feat. She stays very dedicated to her workouts and weigh ins and makes sure that working out is always part of her daily routine. Also part of her routine is Halo Top ice cream 🙂

Andrea shares her passion for working out and drive for success as well. She is always encouraging members to continue pushing themselves and reaching for their goals.

Andrea added to her bag of success tools and started the Renegade Lifestyle Blueprint in October 2016. She has been a supportive role model for others and continues to post and share her ideas on the Renegade Facebook page to help others who may be struggling.

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