Kari Hackett

Kari joined the Renegade Family in July 2014. Kari is an early riser and frequents the 5:15am class. She is extremely dedicated, so if she doesn’t make that class you better believe she will be at a different class that day. Not only is Kari dedicated to showing up to class, but she always comes with loads of energy and an extremely positive attitude that we dare you NOT to catch and feed off of when you’re around her!

You can’t keep a good thing to yourself, right? Kari had her husband join her for a Saturday morning class one week and on the way home Mark commented that he knew why she liked Fitness Renegades. He has now joined with Kari and when they can they workout together and make it family time!

Kari has come a very long way in the last year and continues to stay motivated and work on her and her entire family’s health!

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