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We offer many programs to make sure that there's something for everyone! Check out our different programs below and give us a call or send us an email if you'd like more information or would like to get started.

Renegade Burn 

This program is designed to get our Renegades moving! The circuit class is based on High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T), which is a fitness concept that uses a wide variety of exercises to create a new challenge each and every day. This class is designed to perform multiple rounds of a variety of exercises. Those exercises include bodyweight movements, kettlebells, bosu/swiss balls, battle ropes, and so much more. This program varies every day and includes a competition day each week that is typically done in teams.

Renegade Build

This program is the core of Fitness Renegades. Our Renegades follow a training regimen that will build strength, improve mobility and flexibility, and increase energy. They follow a high intensity program that utilizes various forms of exercise designed to build and maintain strength, increase endurance, decrease fat percentage and guide our members to a healthier lifestyle. The Renegades are taught proper technique and form before starting this program so that everyone can achieve great results safely and effectively.

The “Mission” or metabolic conditioning session follows the strength session. This part of the workout uses a variety of body weight exercises, kettlebell and barbell movements, plyometric, and other various types of exercise in order to increase heart rate, improve overall endurance, and create a fun and competitive atmosphere within the small groups. The Missions will vary day to day in order to keep things exciting and to continue to improve overall health and wellness.

1-to-1 Nutrition Coaching

Our 90 day 1-to-1 Nutrition Coaching program offers some extra individual help for those that need a little extra nutrition guidance.

With this program you get bi-monthly 20 minute meetings to review your goals and talk about your struggles and successes. You also get unlimited email communications with your coach, reviews of your daily food logs and macros, weekly check ins via email and you'll receive additional recipe ideas from your coach.

Not only will you get all of that but you have quicker access to your coach to get any questions you may have answered right away!

FAST Start Program

Get started quick with our FAST Start program. In this program we'll teach you our Renegade Nutrition and we'll improve your fitness levels FAST, but more importantly you'll discover the Renegade Lifestyle to help you maintain your results and feel healthy and fit for the rest of your life.

At the end of the FAST Start Program you'll have two membership options to choose from. Although you do not have to continue, we're certain that you'll want to continue to be a part of our Renegade family!

Renegade Lifestyle Blueprint

Our 12 week Renegade Lifestyle Blueprint is a program designed to instill healthy eating and mindset habits into an individual's daily life. The program is created with the idea that most people cannot take on lots of new daily habits all at once, so we have broken it down into 12 weeks, where each week, you will focus on something new to incorporate into your lifestyle.

The program also includes daily motivational mindset emails because 90% of our success will be determined between our ears (our self-talk, thoughts, emotions, etc.)

You will also have access to our private Renegade Lifestyle Facebook group so that you can immerse yourself in the Renegade Community - this will be important for your success, as well.

"Themed" Programs / Challenges

Throughout the year we mix things up by designing themed challenges. These could be anything from partner workouts to point challenges!

In the past these have included The Summer Slim Down, the Fitmas Challenge and the Clean and Green Challenge. Not matter the length or details though, they seem to always include prizes!

Give us a call or email us to see if we currently have any themed programs or challenges running!


MYZONE® provides a way to see just how hard you are working with a LIVE stream during all of your workouts! When you wear the chest strap and monitoring system you will see your heart rate, calories and effort in real time on a live display. This data is wirelessly uploaded to a logbook that can be accessed online or through the free MYZONE® Lite App.

Health Care Reimbursement

Why not save a few bucks on your Fitness Renegades membership, right!?

We’re constantly building a list of employers that reimburse their employees for all or part of their membership as long as they attend class in accordance with their employee compensation program.

  • Brown County Employees The fitness facility reimbursement program is a subsidiary of Brown County’s Wellness Program that reimburses participants a portion of their fitness membership fees. The program is open to all Brown County employees who are eligible for the County’s health insurance. (Please note, you don’t have to participate in the County’s health insurance, but you do have to be eligible for it.) To participate in the program, you must be an active member of a fitness facility (of your choosing) and work out at that facility a minimum of twelve (12) times per month to be reimbursed $15 per month.
  • United Healthcare
  • PTI (Paper Transport Inc)
  • Humana
  • Wisconsin Bank & Trust
  • Schreiber
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

If you have a workplace reimbursement program and the instructions that you could share with us we’d sure appreciate the information so we can post here for others to take advantage of these work place benefits.

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