Fitness Renegades has donated over $1200 to local charities and organizations!

It is a critical part of our core missions and values to help out our community not only through fitness but also though charitable donations and we will continue to work to support those around us.

Know of an organization that needs to raise money?

We offer the perfect solution for organizations, fundraisers, companies or any group looking to raise funds! Our Bootcamp After Dark (BAD) is a great alternative to selling food or coupons, and offers a very different option for groups to engage supporters.

BAD is a night time, fun filled, Renegade Coach led workout type event featuring disco lights, party music, strobe lights and a workout designed for anyone of all ages and skill sets! It's a great way to get up and be active while doing good for your community - two things Renegades are all about (a healthier community and helping out)!

We design the workout and provide the facility, lights, music, and everything that goes along with the workout. All you need to do is sell those tickets! We charge $10 per person and all of that money goes back to the hosting as always, the more interest you generate and tickets you sell the more you get. We also take care of putting the ticket sales on our all you have to do is send your people to a site and then can pay right there!

We will also assist in getting the word out by sending emails to our members and prospects, posting the events on our website and Facebook page and spreading the word during our Fitness Classes.

If you're interested, or know of anyone who might be, give us a call at (920) 593-9141 or email

Check out some of the images and videos below of previous Bootcamp After Dark events that we've hosted for local organizations.

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