Eric Boulanger

Eric began his Renegade journey to a healthier lifestyle in January 2015 when he joined the $1,000 12 in 6 Weight loss Challenge. During those first 6 weeks Eric lost over 9.5 pounds, but he didn’t stop there!

After the 12 in 6 Challenge was over Eric continued his journey and advanced to adding strength workouts to his circuit workouts. He has continued to be extremely dedicated and still attends a circuit or strength workout at least 3, if not more, times a week. This dedication has led him to making HUGE strides in his strength and endurance since he began.

Eric is now down about 60 pounds from the beginning of his journey. He continues to stay on track and dedicated by setting goals and making it fun. Through competitions he creates with himself and with other Renegades Eric is able to have mini goals to push himself to his max every single class!

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