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Amy Penokie

October 6, 2014

Amy makes sure to have fun with her fitness as well. She’s participated in glow runs, mud runs and color runs and even gets her family to join sometimes. What a great way to spend quality time together! Read Amy’s full story here!


Asha Dryja

September 24, 2014

Asha has been part of the Renegade Family since May 2014. When she first joined Fitness Renegades Asha’s goal was to be able to workout 3 days a week. Not only has Asha met that goal in only 4 short months, but she has WELL surpassed that goal! She regularly attends 5 classes or more a week and on some weeks has even come 7 TIMES in that ONE WEEK! Even when Asha was working overtime hours every day of the week she made sure to take time out for her health and come to class.

Asha also started running with the Renegade Running group on Sunday mornings. Because of that hard work and dedication she has cut 4 minutes off of her 5K time in just 4 short weeks! The results of Asha’s dedication in and out of the gym can be seen in all areas of her life. Check out her full story!


Jay Nohr

September 15, 2014

Our Renegade of the week Jay Nohr often gets confused with Superman. Do you see the similarity? Read his full story here!


Becky Alcantar

September 10, 2014

Becky joined the Fitness Renegades family in April 2014. In only four short months she has lost over 17.5 pounds! Check out Becky’s whole story…


Sue Pasowicz

September 1, 2014

Our Renegade of the week was caught saying “I hope I’m doing Burpees At 90.” That’s the Renegade Spirit! Congrats Sue, we hope you’re doing Burpees with us at 90 too!


Darci Belschner

August 25, 2014

Darci started her Renegade journey in October 2013. From the beginning she has been a regular in multiple classes per week and always pushes herself to the limit making herself better every day! Check out her entire story here.


Ken Mattson

August 18, 2014

Ken brings a competitive and fun atmosphere to every class he attends! He makes workouts that much more enjoyable and pushes not only himself to the limit, but also helps push those around him.


Nikki Allen

August 11, 2014

Though hesitant at first, Nikki started out in the Renegade Strength classes with a couple of goals to improve her health. Attending three days a week, she started to see some progress in the right direction. Check out the rest of Nikki’s story!


Sara Oestreich

August 5, 2014

Motivated, hard working and determined are only a couple of words that can describe Sara. Since day one, she has used every single class as an opportunity to improve her health and fitness. Check out her entire story!


Colleen Ducke

June 24, 2014

I was stuck in a plateau so I went to the Nutrition 101 class and started working out at Fitness Renegades. In just 6 weeks I lost an additional 24.6 pounds and am excited to reach my new goals!

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