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Tom Smith

April 15, 2015

Be sure to check out some of Tom’s Renegade Approved dishes that he posts on Facebook. He shows you exactly how you can eat well and try different dishes while still eating smart!


Melanie Lovato

March 9, 2015

I have learned to focus my health as a whole using food, exercise, supportive friends and overall heath as my new scale for success. I have also learned to set new goals that are more important to sustain a healthy life style and not focus on a number. Thank you Fitness Renegades for providing a 360 degree approach to supporting my health.


Rebecca Hoover

February 12, 2015

Rebecca’s initial motivation was to be more comfortable with her weight for her sister’s pageant. She more than met her goal, her sister was named Miss Green Bay Outstanding Teen, and instead of hiding when the camera came out, Rebecca couldn’t wait to take a picture with her sister!


Heather Oates

January 14, 2015

Heather’s hard work and determination has paid off in many ways…one of them being that she met her goal of losing 23 pounds by January 10th!


Shane Steffens

November 25, 2014

Shane dominated the first MyZone challenge, being the first to reach 1000 MEP points. To date he has accumulated 2,111 total MEP points!


Lisa Wanish

November 10, 2014

Lisa works every day to make sure she follows the 4 Simple Rules. Dedication every hour of every day of every week. Great work Lisa!


Steve Van Nuland

November 3, 2014

Steve’s goal is to slim from a keg to a 6 pack…Keep tappin’ into that keg, Steve!


Sue and Colleen

October 28, 2014

“Anyone of your friends will go out to EAT with you. A real friend will motivate and encourage you and go WORK OUT with you!” A perfect quote for Sue and Colleen! Read about there story here.


Cora Zbieroski

October 20, 2014

If it wasn’t for Cora and talking her into joining and then carpooling to the office after a butt kicking Renegade workout, Cora’s friend Hope has admitted she wouldn’t have made the changes she had. Read more about motivator Cora!


Karen and Allison Lock

October 13, 2014

Mother daughter duo Allison and Karen are a perfect example of team work and fitness being fun with friends and family. They made the decision to not only support each others goals but to physically help each other reach them.

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