Carla Frank

Carla joined the Renegade family back in April 2014. She actually joined the Renegade family with her blood family member – her niece! Carla was able to talk her into coming along with her for a workout and after one they realized how much they loved working out together. Whether or not Carla’s niece was with her she always comes to the gym with an extremely positive attitude which helps other Renegades start, or end their day with happiness and health!

Carla’s goal was to lose 10 pounds by January 2015. Not only did she achieve that goal but she CRUSHED it! Carla lost 20 pounds in the year 2014 and continues to work toward her new goals every single day.

Recently, Carla received a $300 bonus through her work program’s Health Insurance because her BMI and weight dropped to a healthier level.  She gives the credit to Fitness Renegades, but we give a TON of credit back to Carla. We can provide the tools and support to reach your goals, but it takes dedication and commitment from you, and Carla continues to work hard to be her very best!

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