A moving letter from a member…

This Is Why We’re On A Mission To Help Thousands Reach Their Own Fitness Goals!

Last week I was in Orlando at a business meeting where I along with 18 other entrepreneurs met for two days as a part of a Mastermind Group.  We help each other solve our biggest business problems, share what’s working right now and also look for clarity.

At this event we set a new goal for Fitness Renegades in Green Bay and for us as we work to develop our program into a franchise that can help others from around the country.

One piece of clarity was “What We Do”…Food – Fitness – Family.  They are the cornerstones of Fitness Renegades.  We’re now in the process of creating a food line, meals that are already cooked for you all you have to do is warm them up and they’ll be tasty and delicious.  We’ll continue to evolve our Fitness program and we’re excited about some new things we’ll be integrating to become even more like “Family” to you.

As we were in the meeting this note was emailed to me by a Renegade.  I’ll let you read the entire note. It really confirmed to me that we’re on the right path, we’re changing lives and we’re going to make a huge impact in our community.

A Renegade By Nature! 

Dear Darin, Andy, Joe, Charlene, Ty

I am a renegade by nature and I have found my Renegade home.

I was a renegade when straddling two jet skis in the Caymans January 2013 thinking I could stop them from drifting apart like the thigh master. Little did I how utterly stupid that was and the consequences I would pay. So it seems appropriate on the 1st anniversary of my ACL reconstruction/meniscus repair May, 16, 2013 to say thanks to all of you for giving me back a part of my life I thought I had lost.

When you are a renegade, pain and quitting are not in your vocabulary, so after 5 months of it called MCL sprain, wearing a leg brace,  having atrophied leg muscles,  getting bad MRI results,  dependent on crutches to walk, finally a successful surgery, I was left with a weak leg and numb knee told there was nothing more to do. And the rest of me just as pathetic and hopeless for a strong finish to my life.  It did me in on so many accounts I can’t tell you.  I had so many pity parties even I did not want to attend, but ice cream always showed up.

Plus for the past 2 years I have been searching for a gym that gives you personal encouragement, nutrition education, a basic common sense workout without all the jumping around. My 30 years at the YMCA were great for our entire family as every one of us is very health conscious and love their philosophy and facility but it was not meeting my need—I was doing the same thing and getting the same results.  Enter Jill Troia and our destined meeting and I remember asking about Joe’s degree “now what does he do with that?” and contacting him the next day to sign up.

I saw the big garage with a large tire mat on the floor. No fancy equipment. This was something new for sure but I was ready. 58 years old and joining this crazy gym. Joe introduced me to Renegades, measured me, gave me information on the Paleo diet which I have followed in the past and liked being slave no more to processed foods and all the chemicals. I teach nutrition all day every day as a Nurse Practitioner so I know this stuff but following it consistently was another matter. I remember that first class looking around at the various activities and it reminded me of child’s play, fun, not just another exercise class. I was laughing. Charlene sent me an encouraging email, gave me tips to prevent muscle soreness and brought a balloon and Kind Bars to my work. My first weeks the challenge was simply getting up and down from the floor with this goofy knee. I remember Ty encouraging me about my knee numbness and he was right it gets better each week.  I meet a lot of nice people, I have a great time, for the first time know what an adrenaline rush is and can’t wait to get to the classes.  Just the other day for example the workout assignment was to me tougher than usual (on my 59th birthday) but since Kari alongside me was doing it, so did I. Little did I know she was thinking the exact same thing about me. That’s how it goes. And it’s not the 2 hours I was spending at the gym. It is time efficient and perfect way to wind down my day.  Furthermore, after doing all those burpees, who in their right mind is going to go home and do emotional eating which was my habit so Renegades fixed that problem too.

So here I am 2+ months into Fitness Renegades down 17 inches and 10 pounds and trust me that is huge because my scale does not move. I am stronger and more confident. I am again the renegade. All the sagging body parts are starting to go back where they belong. This is anti-aging stuff inside and out. No plastic surgery required here. I am mother of the groom in July and I am looking good and feeling great. The transformation happened so quickly it actually took me by surprise. Important that one of the goals I set was to look good for the wedding, be strong, wear clothes not tents that hide shameful fat. I am loving burpees (well kinda) and doing wind sprints (well kinda) and flipping tractor tires (not kinda). You have to know this is stuff I never thought I would do again so there is a winner walking through your door every time I come, I don’t take this lightly at all. And I am just one of a few of the stories of how you have changed our lives and given us back what we lost plus more.

So whether you call it hip hop or old school rap, you have a great thing going and I am so glad to be a part of it! Thank you Fitness Renegades! And much success to you and our community at your new facility!

Sue Pasowicz

May 2014

Weight Loss Success Story from Green Bay, WI Fitness Renegade Member

We just kicked off The Summer Slim Down Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge 3 days ago, but we’ve already had some great reports of success from members.

At the Kick off party on Saturday we had over 80 members doing the first workout as a team to set their baseline for the summer, and we have another 20 members who will complete the workout this week as they couldn’t attend on Saturday.

The goal is to see how much each team can improve from Week 1 to the end of the summer.  It was a great event on Saturday with Renegades working hard and cheering each other on.  We had two heats for the workout which allowed members to cheer each other on while the other heat was working out.

In addition to the workout we made sure that we got everyone’s measurements from our new body analyzer, before photos and many gave interviews.  We’re going to document not only your weight loss and body changes this summer, but your mental shifts from beginning to end.  As you start your journey you’re goals will be much different than they are today.

Many of our new Renegades joined in early May to take advantage of a special offer allowing them to attend a few weeks at no charge.  The great part about this was the results many have seen in such a short time.  I’m happy to report that every person that weighed in a few weeks ago and then weighed in on Saturday is down in weight.  Some by 10 lbs!

One of those individuals is Colleen Ducke.  She’s got a great story before even joining Fitness Renegades.  She’s lost 130 lbs. on her own, but was stuck at a plateau.  She’s went from inactive to competing in Triathlons in a short period of time.  She told me last summer she’d travel to towns where there was a triathlon and kind of piggy back off of the event.  She wouldn’t register, but she’d bike, run and swim the course.

Just the other day I saw a post on Facebook from her about joining a triathlon team as a last minute sub.  With strangers.  Something she admits she wouldn’t have even thought of just a few months ago.  Now she’s feeling much stronger and confident and said YES!  It doesn’t matter what her time would have been, even though I saw it and it was pretty good.  What matters is she has the confidence to do new things, compete with others when she was afraid or embarrassed before.

In addition to that she’s also lost another 10lbs. in just 7 days.  I didn’t lead with this because as a Renegade we want you to understand fitness is about a whole lot more than weight loss.  Unfortunately that’s what get’s most peoples attention so we talk about it at the start, but as soon as you walk in the front door to become a Renegade we’ll make sure you know it’s not just about weight loss.

Check to the cool message Colleen sent us the other day.


If you’re ready to change your life please give us a call at (920) 593-9141 and get started with our 90 Day Renegade Lifestyle Transformation.

We have a strict limit of 300 members and we’re moving closer to this goal every day.  Join before it’s too late. Remember we have no contracts EVER and we offer you vacation weeks if you’re gone.  It’s just another thing we do that our Renegades love.

Weight Loss For Men In Green Bay At Fitness Renegades

It’s a big day for us as it’s our second to last day at our original location.  We’ll certainly miss our original home, but our new location has great new amenities like showers, AIR CONDITIONING, FREE Child Care and much more.

We’ve created the Modern Garage Style Gym with amenities for our Renegades to enjoy. We’ve kept some of our most important Original Renegade features, but improved many other aspects.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are for the next chapter of Fitness Renegades!

Now We’d Like To Share A Renegade Success Story…

We often get asked is Fitness Renegades for men too?  The answers is only if you’re one of the cool kids!

Yes, we have a lot of women who are getting great results with us, but we have plenty of male Renegades too.

Today we thought we’d share the story of one of our Renegade Family Members who is getting some great results.

Meet Lucas…

Lucas started his journey at Fitness Renegades by attending our Nutrition 101 class on a Saturday morning and signed up to get started with us right after the class.  He went right from the class to the grocery store to get started on his Renegade Transformation.

Lucas’ motivation for starting was a Tough Mudder Race that he had commited to with friends and he wanted to make sure he could finish.  In addition to that he was looking to lose some weight, but his main goal was to become stonger and FIT.

At the Nutrition 101 class we talk about making small changes in your diet (what you eat, not being on a diet as we do not advocate going on a “diet”).  That Saturday Lucas made Spagetti Squash for his family and they were all quite surprised at how good it was.

Since that first night Lucas has been following our Renegade Nutrtion Plan and showing up for class at least 3 days a week.  His daughter is also now coming to class with him too.  They’ve become a part of the Renegade Family and they’re changing their lifestyle for good.

After just six weeks as a Renegade take a look at Lucas’ results…

Lucas Craigs Results

If you’re interested in getting started with Fitness Renegades and learning the Renegade Lifestyle we’d love for you to take our 90 Day Renegade Lifestyle Transformation.  If you join within the next 7 days you’ll save $100!

It’s normally $397.00, but you can get our entire program for $297.

Click Here To See Everything That’s Included

We’re not like the other “Gyms”, we’re a Family of Renegades here to support you every step of the way.  If you’re not THRILLED after your first month just let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your money!

We’re taking all of the risk because we know you’ll LOVE us and our community or you don’t pay a dime!  We also have FREE vacation weeks, NO contracts, NEVER a joiner fee, FREE Childcare, Great PRIVATE Showers and much more!

What do you have to lose…Except some unwanted weight and inches!

Give us a call today at (920) 593-9141 and set up a time to register and schedule your first session.

Dedicated To Getting You Fit,

Darin Spindler
Co-Founder Fitness Renegades

Colleen Ducke

Colleen is a full time mom, works full time at a local hospital and now enjoys participating in outdoor endurance races and other fun fitness activities during her ‘free time’, which there obviously isn’t much of!
Colleen has really dedicated herself to a healthy lifestyle by changing her eating habits and showing up to workout at least 4 times a week. Even when she’s tired or had a long day she works through excuses and makes sure she sticks to her plan to meet her goals.

I was stuck in a plateau so I went to the Nutrition 101 class and started working out at Fitness Renegades. In just 6 weeks I lost an additional 24.6 pounds and am excited to reach my new goals!

Banana Pancakes

Easter weekend is upon us and for many that means family gatherings and Easter brunch. You may be cringing at the thought of family brunch (no not because of relatives!) because you think you will have to veer off of your healthy eating plan. THINK AGAIN! Give this Paleo approved Banana Walnut Pancake recipe a try and feel great after brunch. Even if you don’t have a family gathering this weekend, this recipe is written to serve 2, so it also makes a wonderful ‘I just wanted pancakes this morning’ recipe!

Banana Walnut Pancakes

Banana Pancakes

Yields: 2 Servings
Total Time: 25 Minutes


  • 2 Bananas
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Tbs Coconut Flour
  • 1-2 Tbs Almond Flour
  • Fresh or Frozen Blueberries
  • 1/4 Cup Nuts of Choice (Walnuts, Almonds, etc.)
  • 1 tsp Coconut Oil
  • Dash of Sea Salt (Optional)


  1. Banana Pancakes BeforeMash bananas in a bowl.
  2. Add the eggs, coconut flour, almond butter, blueberries, nuts and salt and whisk until well blended.
  3. Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat along with a small pat of coconut oil.
  4. Pour small discs of batter onto the hot pan (they’re easier to flip if you keep them away from the edges)
  5. Flip when batter loses its “tackiness” around the edges.
  6. Cook other side slowly over medium heat until fully cooked.
  7. Reapply oil to the pan after each round of pancakes.

Recipe provided by Paleo Plan and Fitness Renegades. If you’re looking to get fit and reach new goals give the Fitness Renegades 28 Day Transformation a try.  Call 593-9141 for details or visit www.FitnessRenegades.com.

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